Community Reports

Imagine a community where every child has access to an education that will prepare him or her for a living-wage job. Imagine a safety net that not only catches people when they fall, but provides them with a pathway out of poverty. Imagine a community where exceptional social service organizations, the private sector, and the public sector work together to do what none can accomplish alone: to measurably improve people's lives in Hancock County.

Through your generous support, United Way of Hancock County is enabling the community to achieve this vision. We are identifying and funding the social service programs that best meet our most pressing needs. We are coordinating solutions for lasting change.

In preparation for this task, we must gain a full understanding of the community. The Hancock County community has completed numerous assessments of how we can achieve even greater impact. We gathered this information from the following:

2021 United Way of Hancock County Annual Report

2020 United Way of Hancock County Annual Report

2019 United Way of Hancock County Annual Report

2018 Recovery Resource Guide

2018 United Way of Hancock County Annual Report

2017 United Way of Hancock County Annual Report

Community Conversations (complete in 2017, presented in 2018)

2017 Public Health Annual Report to the Community

County Health Rankings (Released in 2018)

Map the Gap (2017 Results)

ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Report for Ohio 

ALICE Report for Hancock County

Hancock County Community Health Improvement Plan (2016-2019)

Hancock County 2015 Health Assessment