Become a Lead United donor

Lead United celebrates those who invest in United Way of Hancock County at a level of $750 or more annually.

Members of the Lead United community are our most generous supporters and are essential to our efforts to improve vulnerable people’s lives by tackling the most pressing issues. These leadership donors are quite literally leading the charge when it comes to creating positive change in our community.

By making an annual contribution of $750 or more, Lead United members set an example of caring and commitment for others where they work and live.

Giving Levels

           Tocqueville Society Level: $10,000+Gas Light Society logo
                  Platinum Level: $5,000
                  Diamond Level: $2,500
                  Gold Level: $1,250
                  Silver Level: $750

Reaching the $750 level of giving is easier than some may think. It takes just $14.43 a week to become a Lead United member. Spouses or domestic partners may also combine their gift to be recognized at a higher leadership giving level.

Another option is to donate a gift of stocks, securities or real estate if the asset has been held for more than one year. Tax savings can be significant because the donor pays no long-term capital gains tax and may even use the full, appreciated value of the stock as a charitable deduction. See your tax professional for guidance.

Individuals can also contribute through planned giving to ensure their investment in United Way will make a difference in people’s lives for generations to come. We can work with donors and their professional advisors to develop a plan that meets their financial goals and creates a legacy that reflects their values.

Special Recognition

Leadership donors can expect to be invited to exclusive events; receive updates on the impact of their investment; and make a lasting difference in our community.

Special recognition is given nationally for donors whose annual gifts total $10,000. These donors are referred to as Tocqueville Society members and are included in listings with United Way Worldwide.

The Historic Gas Light Society

Historic Gas Light Society logoWe are an organization that is proud of our history of doing great things.

Historically, ours is a community that was built on the oil and gas industry. As such, United Way leaders wanted to pay tribute to that heritage while recognizing those donors whose investments helped light the path for fellow community members in need. They aptly referred to our leadership giving members as the Gas Light Society.

The society's original flame logo carries forward this historic tradition of shining a light on community need and rallying people to it.

Folks who are connected to our history will see our continued use of the logo as a commitment to the foundations of our community. Those without that connection to Findlay's past will see the retitling of our major donor society as an effort by an organization with an eye to relevance and understanding as the cultural meaning of gaslighting has changed in our world.

We remain thankful to those whose influence and generosity helped develop such a distinguished culture of giving in our community.

And the flame lives on!