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Each year, a crucial team of community volunteers an Impact Team helps us in our funding decisions by reviewing grant applications and providing input as to where campaign dollars will have the greatest local impact. Serving on an Impact Team means becoming an integral part of a process that drives positive change in our community.

As an Impact Team volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to review grant applications from local partner agencies and programs, delving into the heart of their missions and evaluating the impact of their initiatives. Your insights will contribute to shaping our grant funding decisions, ensuring that resources are allocated to programs that align with our mission and vision of creating a stronger, thriving community. 

Local nonprofit agencies apply yearly for funding from proceeds raised through our annual campaign. These applications are reviewed by members of our Grant Review Committee and Impact Team members in the areas of quality programming, finance and administration. Recommendations on which nonprofit agencies to fund and at what level is made by these volunteers, with the support of United Way staff. The board of directors uses these recommendations to determine final grant awards.

Serving on an Impact Team will allow you to actively engage with fellow volunteers in meaningful discussions and deliberations. You will also gain valuable experience in grant evaluation and community impact assessments. Your voice matters in these discussions as you advocate for the programs and agencies that you believe will have the greatest impact on our community. 

In 2023, our annual campaign raised $2 million for local disbursement in 2024. Every donation made to the campaign stays in Hancock County to measurably improve people’s lives.

Impact Team volunteers take a short training course in late September and can expect to review seven to 10 grant applications at their leisure during October. No grant reading experience is needed. Impact Team members meet in November to discuss the applications and make recommendations for the following year's partner agency funding.

Your dedication and commitment are valuable assets in our mission to measurably improve people's lives in Hancock County. Together, we can leave a lasting impact and create positive change for generations to come.

If you would like to serve on an Impact Team, complete this form. We'll get back with you soon!