Business Partners

Business Partners

United Way business partners demonstrate a reputation for and commitment to improving people's lives in Hancock County. It is an explicit and powerful statement to your employees, customers and all of Hancock County that your company cares about building a stronger, thriving community.


For nearly 100 years, United Way has globally improved people's lives and strengthened communities. Worldwide, our mission is proudly supported by 70,000 businesses and 280 Fortune 500 Companies because we have a proven track record of large-scale impact and continuous innovation. Locally, for more than 65 years, the United Way of Hancock County has been at the center of fostering a stronger Hancock County community.

The United Way of Hancock County stands at the intersection of nonprofits, business and government. We have earned a reputation as a catalyst for partnerships between business leaders, schools, nonprofits, faith-based groups and the public sector. Working collaboratively allows us to make change on a larger scale than any single organization can accomplish alone.

A partnership with United Way offers:

  • Large-scale results
  • A trusted voice in the community
  • Social responsibility consulting and engagement options
  • Customized local solutions

United Way of Hancock County is taking on our community's most challenging problems with innovative strategies.