Annual Reports/Financials

The public often relies on IRS and Annual Report documents as the main source of information about a nonprofit organization and its activities.

United Way of Hancock County is fully compliant with state and federal regulations monitoring nonprofits. By publishing these documents on our website, we wish to demonstrate transparency and accountability to our investors. We also encourage you, as a stakeholder, to read our annual reports which describe how your financial support is making an impact. 


        Annual Report


        Annual Report
        United Way IRS 990 - 2022
        United Way Foundation IRS 990 - 2022


        Annual Report
        United Way IRS 990 - 2021
        United Way Foundation IRS 990 - 2021
        Audited Financials for United Way, Years Ended Dec. 31, 2021-2020


        Annual Report
        United Way IRS 990-2020
        Audited Financials for United Way, Years Ended March 31, 2019-2020


        Annual Report


        Annual Report

Additional Documents

        CEO Compensation Policy
        Record Retention Policy
        Conflict of Interest Document
        Whistleblower Certification Document

*To view additional reports, contact The United Way at 419-423-1432