Days of Caring: Volunteer Page

Days Of Caring

Thank you for your interest in lending a hand to your community

You've come to the right place to find everything volunteers will need to get your team organized and registered for action.

In 2024, United Way of Hancock County will host Days of Caring events May 6-10 and Sept. 16-18. We are looking for corporate groups and service organizations who would like to lend a hand.

Teams and individuals can sign up for four-hour time blocks (8am-12pm or 12-4pm) and will be assigned a project. You can indicate on the Volunteer Team Registration Form if certain days or time slots are better, if your team has any physical restrictions, or if you have a preference to help certain agencies or causes. We can't promise a perfect match, but we'll do our best to make a great one!

Keep reading to learn about the role of a volunteer team leader, how to prepare for the event, and what will happen the day you volunteer.

volunteer team registration form

Days of Caring: Guidelines for Volunteer Teams

  1. Designate a team leader to coordinate your volunteer efforts. The team leader will coordinate with team members, United Way of Hancock County and the agency you will be helping. This person will also lead the team on site the day of the project.
  2. Team leaders will be connected with an agency representative before the project. Set up a meeting or talk to your agency contact to gain an understanding of the project. Make sure you explain the details to your team, including where to park or if carpooling is necessary, suggested clothing, any tools to bring along, any possible safety hazards, and safety protocols in place.
  3. The team leader will fill out the digital UWHC Volunteer Sign-In Form for each of their team members. This replaces the spreadsheet from years prior. You will want to ask each team member for a personal email address for the form, and find out if they are interested in learning more about volunteering through UWHC.
  4. Volunteers will receive a Days of Caring shirt to wear the day of the project. Team leaders will pick up the shirts at the UWHC office as the event nears. 
  5. Each project location should have a sign-in area. Team leaders will direct each volunteer to sign a liability release for the agency. The day of the event, volunteers become the volunteers of the agency, not United Way of Hancock County. Agencies may also have name tags to pass out. 
  6. Please bring water or a snack if you think you will need it.
  7. Please be aware that media representatives may be present.
  8. Enjoy and have a wonderful day! We can't thank you enough for taking this opportunity to measurably improve people's lives in Hancock County! 

uwhc volunteer sign in DOC --> (Team leader use prior to event)