About Us

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We help people. 

That’s it. 

That’s our one mission. 

To measurably improve people’s lives in Hancock County. 

By engaging donors and community leaders year-round, United Way of Hancock County is able to raise funds that are put to work where they’re needed most. We support critical services working to fight hunger, foster financial stability, help children, promote safety and health, and provide safe housing. Everything raised in Hancock County stays here, with a team of community members and subject matter experts regularly assessing which areas our donor dollars will do the most good. 

Amid our year-round fundraising efforts, United Way is also committed to building and maintaining a network of dedicated volunteers. United Way volunteer hours reached a record high of 12,000-plus in 2023, with plans to expand even further in the coming year. 

When you donate to the United Way, you’re supporting 19 programs working to strengthen and empower the residents of Hancock County. These vital services are utilized by 1 in 4 members of our community, making this safety net an essential resource.