Staff & Board


The mission of United Way of Hancock County is to "measurably improve people's lives."

Our work is based on the provision of safety net services to meet crisis needs while also working on long-term solutions in the areas of health, education and financial stability. These are the building blocks for a good life; good health and well-being for a productive life, quality education that leads to a stable job and enough income to support a family through retirement.

Our goals for Hancock County are bold:

  • Helping children, youth, and adults achieve their potential through education
  • Helping families become financially stable and independent
  • Helping people improve their health and well-being
  • Helping people meet crisis needs through safety net services

We invite you to be part of the change. Together, United, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. That's what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Angela DeBoskey, CEO

Angela DeBoskey, CEO

"I strive to be the leader in strategic planning, impactful donor relationships, daily office operations and community oversight to better Hancock County."

Heather Heilman, Resource Development Director

Heather Heilman, Resource Development Director

"I plan, organize, and implement activities to raise financial and in-kind support for United Way."

Taylor Coote, Community Impact Director

Taylor Coote, Community Impact Director

"I help to facilitate the annual grant process and I am the liaison between our partner agencies and community review team members."

Sarah Mayle, Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Mayle, Volunteer Coordinator

"I help Hancock County organizations to determine their needs, then match them with community volunteers to provide additional layers of support and advocacy."

Trevor Barna, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Trevor Barna, Marketing & Communications Specialist

"In the realm of marketing, advertising, social media and design. I specialize in visual communications and I am also a certified copywriter."

Nathan Campbell, Database Analyst

Nathan Campbell, Database Analyst

"I specialize in entering all the data that is submitted into our database and ensure the accuracy of the data analytics."

Annette Edgington

Annette Edgington, Board Chair

chris webb

Chris Webb,
Past Board Chair

Dr. Chris Ward

Dr. Chris Ward, Secretary

Larry Staley

Larry Staley,
Grant Review Committee Chair

Brian Kreinbrink

Brian Kreinbrink, Treasurer

Chad Doll

Chad Doll,
2021 Board Member

Tricia Woodland

Tricia Woodland, 2021 Board Member

John Motter

John Motter, 2021 Board Member

Honorable Stephanie Bishop

Honorable Stephanie Bishop, 2021 Board Member

Randy Galbraith

Randy Galbraith, 2021 Board Member

Maria Sellers

Maria Sellers, 2021 Board Member

Luke Below

Luke Below, 2021 Board Member

Blair Lane

Blair Lane, 2021 Board Member

Chet Wohlgamuth

Chet Wohlgamuth, 2021 Board Member