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United Way Foundation Awards Secor Scholarship

United Way of Hancock County’s Secor scholarship committee has announced the selection of Jordan Trenkamp, a senior at Van Buren school, as this year’s United Way Foundation Secor Scholar. The $2,000 renewable Secor Scholarship was established as a memorial to the Steven and Doris Secor bequest.  It is awarded to a high school senior or high school graduate living in Findlay or Hancock County who plans to attend an accredited institution of higher learning to pursue an undergraduate field of study, full time in the subsequent academic year. The candidate must exhibit a strong commitment to service, volunteering, extracurricular involvement and academic excellence.

Trenkamp, the daughter of Doug and Kris Trenkamp, was selected because of her volunteerism, academic accomplishments, involvement in extracurricular and school activities and her ability to exemplify leadership skills.

“Jordan has given her time to Gliding Stars for the last 6 years. She decided she wanted to be a coach, but did not want to be paid. This action shows that Jordan is dedicated to our program and is not interested in any personal gain,” said, Cindy Bregel, executive director of Gliding Stars, an adaptive ice skating program for individuals with disabilities.

Alyssa Brown, director of youth ministries at St. Michael Church, said, “Jordan has been deeply engaged with the youth program at St. Michael Parish specifically through the youth board. Every other week, she dedicates an additional two to three hours to the various youth ministry programs, planning and discussing with her peers how to bring the parish youth closer to Christ.”

Trenkamp’s service oriented involvement additionally includes volunteering with Silver Blades Figure Skating club, the ENGAGE Youth Council, Gliding Stars of Findlay, St. Michael’s youth group, St. Michael’s Belize Outreach program, St. Michael’s music ministries and more.

In her Secor application, Trenkamp wrote, “Volunteerism and service to me is happiness. Life is a classroom and adaptable to comply with anyone’s liking. The path of life sets its course to teach someone and build happy memories along the way. The two biggest parts of my path that have had this effect on me have been volunteer work and service, which go hand in hand.”

Trenkamp will be honored at United Way of Hancock County’s annual meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. The annual meeting is open to the public and the cost to attend is $30 or $240 for a table of eight. It is being held at the Hilton Garden Inn. To attend the annual meeting, call the United Way office at 419-423-1432 or visit to register.

The United Way Foundation of Hancock County is a nonprofit entity established to ensure the permanence of the United Way Hancock County. The purpose of the foundation is to offer an opportunity for donors to continue their philanthropic efforts through bequests. For more information on making a financial gift to the United Way Foundation of Hancock County, or for Secor Scholarship information contact the United Way office at 419-423-1432.