Funded Programs: Start of 2021 - End of 2022

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boy scouts black swamp council


Boy Scouts of America, Black Swamp Council was awarded $11,094 for disadvantaged children in Hancock County. Boy Scouting programs that promote positive youth development and has a lasting impact on youth into young adulthood and throughout their life.

Cancer Patient Services


Cancer Patient Services was awarded $82,289 for its Patient Direct Services program providing medical supplies, nutritional supplements, emotional support, education, and healing arts programs to cancer patients.

CASA/GAL of Hancock County


CASA/GAL of Hancock County was awarded $107,538 for its advocacy program which recruits, trains and supports volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates as they represent children who are abused, neglected or dependent or are involved in domestic relations disputes.

The Center for Safe and Healthy Children


The Center for Safe and Healthy Children was awarded $30,300 for their forensic interview and examination program for abused children. The program provides a safe and caring place utilized by professionals who investigate child abuse allegations and guide these children and their families through the legal and healing process in the least traumatic way.


Challenged Champions Equestrian Center



Challenged Champions Equestrian Center was awarded $22,026 for its therapeutic riding program supporting residents of Hancock County with special needs, from early childhood to adulthood, and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder through horseback riding and other horse-related activities that promote physical, emotional and mental developments.

Children's Mentoring Connection of Hancock County


Children's Mentoring Connection was awarded $73,757 for its Mentoring Youth at Risk program which recruits and screens adult volunteers to serve as mentors to children. Mentoring services are provided through traditional one-on-one, couple and family mentoring, as well as community and school-based mentoring.

Hope House


Findlay Hope House for the Homeless was awarded $146,776 for two programs: the Independence Project, which moves homeless families into permanent, affordable housing and out of poverty; and the Hope House Shelter, providing transitional housing to women and women with children.

girl scouts of western ohio


Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will enter into a memorandum of understanding of up to $5,000 to reimburse the organization for girls in need who want to participate in Girl Scouts, but do not have the financial resources.



Hancock Area Transportation Services was awarded $52,572 to help continue curb-to-curb service providing rides to anyone in the area that needs transportation assistance. HATS users are transported anywhere from a place of employment, to the grocery store, or to a medical appointment. Even during the pandemic, HATS prepared dedicated vehicles that were designed to transport residents who may have become positive with coronavirus and provided rides to a medical centers for treatment. 

Open Arms


Open Arms Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Services was awarded $213,575 for three programs: Adult and Child Services, as well as a Violence Recovery Project program, which is a support group for individuals that attend for a variety of reasons including court orders, referrals from children services, or referrals from a counselor. These individuals join the program in hopes to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their families.

Pre-K Scholarship Project


United Way of Hancock County and The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation are partnering to fund a scholarship project for children to attend prekindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten programs from Findlay City Schools and Hancock County Educational Service Center will receive $41,667 and $15,787 to improve school readiness for children not able to attend.

Raise The Bar

Raise the Bar Hancock County will receive $15,000 to help prepare and connect individuals, through education and training, to an adaptive workforce for Findlay-Hancock County that meets emerging employment needs.

center for civic engagement


The Findlay-Hancock County Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) at the University of Findlay is designed to bring individuals together to generate dialogue and create social initiatives that shape the lives of individuals and our community’s future. The CCE is the vital entity in our community to provide coordinated links to resources and content experts that with translate theories and concepts into "catalytic projects that will move the needle" on local challenges. The CCE also serves dual functions: one is to be the backbone support for a community-wide collective impact/continuous improvement process, and the other is to enable university employees and students the opportunity to learn from, engage with, and creatively support our community in addressing complex social issues. United Way of Hancock County has committed $30,000 to underwrite the CCE.

Christian Clearing House


Hancock Christian Clearing House received a grant for $56,000 for its Caring Cupboard program that provides food vouchers four times a year for those in need and who qualify for the help.

Salvation Army of Findlay


Salvation Army received $32,000 for its Emergency Food Pantry.

West Ohio Food Bank


West Ohio Food Bank was awarded $55,104 for its food distribution program, providing food through mobile food pantries and to local food banks.

Findlay Family YMCA - Feed-a-Child


Findlay Family YMCA was awarded $71,919 that will help to continue the managing of the Feed-A-Child program, a partnership between Findlay Family YMCA and United Way of Hancock County.