Secor Scholarship information and application

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The United Way Foundation of Hancock County has established a four-year renewable $2,000 scholarship (maximum of $8,000) as a memorial to the generosity of Steven and Doris Secor. It is awarded to a high school senior in Hancock County who has a 3.5 grade point average or higher and plans to attend an accredited institution of higher learning, full time, to pursue any undergraduate field of study in the subsequent academic year. 

The candidate must exhibit a strong emphasis on:

  • Character
  • Service 
  • Leadership

These components will be evaluated through the application.

Application Information: 

It is suggested that you complete and gather all items before filling out the electronic application, as you cannot save and return. 


• Residence: Must be a high school senior residing in Hancock County who plans to attend, full-time, in the subsequent academic year, an accredited institution of higher learning, to pursue any undergraduate field of study. 

• Academic Consideration: Grade point average must be at or above 3.5 on a 4-point scale. 

• Volunteer/Extracurricular Involvement: The scholarship candidate must exhibit a strong and diverse emphasis on community service, leadership, and character.

Students related to anyone on the Secor Scholarship Selection Committee or United Way of Hancock County paid staff are not eligible to apply. 

Application and Reference Deadline: 

11:59PM Jan. 16, 2023

Once submitted you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation or to verify it was received, contact Brenna Griteman at 419-423-1432 or email

Reference Instructions: 

In addition to completing your application, three separate individuals will need to write a reference letter for you on the following:  

  • Service - Your service reference should focus on your community service activities, in and/or outside of the school setting. 
  • Character - Your character reference should be able to describe your character. Examples could include coaches, supervisors, teachers or church leaders. 
  • Leadership - Your leadership reference should be an individual who has observed and experienced your leadership skills, in and/or outside of the school setting. 

Please provide one name along with an email address for each reference. References can complete only one of the reference areas and cannot be related to the applicant.

United Way staff will contact your references to provide instructions on how to submit the reference letter. 

Attachment Instructions: 

  • Essay: Please prepare a short essay of 500 words or less titled "Why does community service matter to me?" 
  • High School Transcript: If you do not have access to your transcript electronically, please have your guidance counselor email it to: with the subject line: (Name) - Transcript
  • Activity and Community Service Log: Please provide a list of all extracurricular activities and involvements. This can include, but is not limited to, sports, employment, volunteer activities, in and/or out of school clubs, church activities, etc. 

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