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Your United Way Dollars

Campaign overlaps with grant season at United Way of Hancock County.  So while we are asking donors to be part of the changes happening in our community,  we are also asking local volunteers to determine how those donations will be spent. This is a great time to share how that plays out.


We are committed to helping locally. Unless you specifically direct funds outside of our area, over 99% of contributions stay in Hancock County, so you’re assured that your efforts go directly to help neighbors and coworkers


Trained volunteers examine programs, diving deep into how community-based organizations use funds, the impacts they achieve, and how they align with community needs and priorities. Through multiple layers of review, more than 50 Hancock County volunteers are involved in this process each year.


Review teams look at how agencies align with UWHC’s mission to measurably improve people’s lives in Hancock County in the areas of health, education and financial stability.  They move on to compare a program’s impact in what our community determines to be our top needs and priorities. An examination of how a program is delivered comes next, using criteria like strategic relationships, and how well-positioned agencies are to carry out their program and achieve their desired outcomes. UWHC also has a volunteer-led follow-up process to ensure agencies are using their grants appropriately and achieving their goals.

We’ve been encouraged to see so many returning and new donors and companies join us in this year’s campaign. We know change doesn’t happen alone!

-Angela DeBoskey, CEO United Way of Hancock County