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Discover how rewarding volunteering can be – whether you’re 18 or 80, a high school student or a retiree, part of a community service group or a corporate president. You’ll know you have improved lives. And when you reach out a hand to one, you influence the condition of all. Here is a list of volunteer opportunities available at United Way of Hancock County

Position: Campaign Blitz Team Member

(New Position. Need 40-50 volunteers)

Delivery of campaign materials to individual workplaces is a critically important task. This is considered a frontline effort to provide a personal touch. All materials and small workplace envelopes will be delivered to all small and mid-size companies by volunteers or pairs of volunteers. At that time all key campaign volunteers will be provided materials for delivery in an assigned area or specific group of companies. The expectation is that ALL campaign materials will be in the hands of workplaces by September 20.

Necessary skills include:
  • Passion for volunteering for United Way of Hancock County
  • Ability to take direction and be self starting
  • Willingness to dedicate the time to complete the assigned task. Time commitment may be 4-15 hours over 30 days, depending on assignment
  • Attend a pre-blitz meeting and/or become familiar with programs and services provided by United Way of Hancock County funds
  • Ability to pleasantly interact with and provide encouragement to small business owners and managers to consider giving to annual campaign
  • Willingness to do follow up contacts either in person or by phone, as needed
  • Willingness to CELEBRATE success at the close of campaign

Reports to: Campaign Division Chair or Team Captain

For more information contact:

Position: Technical Compliance Team Member

The technical compliance team meets quarterly or as needed. Members of the team are assigned to a specific agency or agencies to confirm information on their self-audit which is part of the Partner’s Agreement. Agencies will be informed in advance of the upcoming compliance audit and technical compliance member will confirm, at agency site, that all required documentation is up-to-date and in place and confirm that the agency either meets United Way Partnership standards or records their deficits. (Approximately 2 hours, during agency business hours)

Necessary skills include:
  • Familiarity with non-profit fund accounting, review of 990s and audits, reading of financial information and unit costing.
  • Ability to review agency/program financial information for good management and stewardship and pass recommendations of funding, continued funding, conditional funding or no funding to Community Solutions Committee.
  • Ability to check agencies/programs applying for partnership and partners requesting grants for the first time against Partnership Standards and criteria and pass recommendations for admission or no admission, funding or no funding to Community Solutions Committee.

Reports to: Technical Compliance Team Chair

This is a two-year renewable term – perpetual.

For more information or to express interest,


Position: Campaign Cabinet Team Captain

The Team Captain leads, organizes and implements the solicitation of a specific segment of the division. This position is the critical frontline communicator with workplace coordinators.

Necessary skills include:
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Sincere interest in the development of community through United Way.
  • Willingness to dedicate the time necessary to perform responsibilities.
  • Become familiar with United Way, services of United Way agencies, and information which illustrates the “need” for donations.
  • Interact with and support workplace campaign volunteers; and/or provide information to small business owners and managers.
  • Analyze giving history of accounts and, with other volunteers, develop team and account strategies that lead to increased campaign performance and cultivation of long-term relationships between United Way and accounts.
  • Assure that workplace volunteers attend briefing sessions/trainings and campaign events as appropriate.
  • Maintain communication with the Division Chair and United Way staff to ensure continuity of effort and information.
  • Participate in evaluations of the campaign in order to assist United Way in the improvement of campaign performance.
  • Provide appropriate thank you to division volunteers for their involvement in the campaign.

Reports to: Division Chair

This position is active each year from March through December. Amount of time varies but is not more than 20 hours in the 6 month time frame.

For more information or to express interest, contact:


Position: Grant ReviewTeam Member

The goal of the Grant Review Team is to review the agency annual grant requests and evaluate the programs. The majority of the time commitment of this position is in evaluating the programs. Our online, electronic e-CImpact evlaution software allows this to be done at the discretion of the team member from any location with internet access.

Once individual evaluations are submitted electronically, team meetings are held for grant discussion (2 to 4 hours during working hours). 

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Attend review team meetings
  • Be familiar with UW funding priorities.
  • Be familiar with the agency grant requests presented to your team, how the programs impact community issues and how the outcomes of the program impact clients based on the Mission Statement of the agency.
  • Provide written review/comment of agency grant request through ECImpact.
  • Attend program presentations if necessary.
Job Relationships

Report to:Community Solutions Committee and Community Impact Director

Job Requirements
  • Should have an understanding of present community services and  an awareness of future social service needs, the UW funding priorities, and program outcomes.
  • Basic Computer Skills – must be able to navigate through our web-based grant evaluation program.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with other volunteers and agency program representatives.
  • Must be respectful of necessary deadlines.

If interested, contact:

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