Virtual Video Content Creator

Content Creator - Virtual Video Volunteerism

Be an influencer to help people in Hancock County!



Create fresh video content explaining United Way of Hancock County and some events we have in the pipeline. We are creating a portal to get you started that includes:

  • Individual project scope sheets for suggested themes, colors, duration and other guidelines
  • A warehouse of sample resources to get you started
  • Contact info to UWHC's marketing guru to ask questions or seek consultation
  • Space to upload your creations

Students will receive one volunteer hour for every 30-second video, or four hours for a two-minute video.

Time frame: Spring 2023

Skills: Basic video

Contact: Brenna Griteman at to learn more and get access to the portal.


*Please be sure all music and images used in your videos are royalty free/creative commons licensed. 

Once submitted, all projects will become property of United Way of Hancock County.