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United Way Opens Volunteer Website to all Nonprofits in Hancock County

United Way of Hancock County has announced that is now open to all nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers in Hancock County.

The easy-to-use, web-based platform matching potential volunteers with meaningful volunteer opportunities has been supported and used by a group of local nonprofit leaders since 2013.

“After much consideration, we have come to the conclusion that could be a bigger, better and a more effective resource for our community. We know that local nonprofit organizations are busy providing much needed services to our community and don’t always have the time or resources to continually update and market this website,” said John Urbanski, president and CEO of United Way of Hancock County.

United Way of Hancock County will take on the financial commitment for the website and open the use to all nonprofit organizations in the community, free of charge. In the past, there was a $250 annual fee to cover site costs and marketing expenses.

Eligible organizations and groups must be a school, faith-based or a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and conducting business in Hancock County.

Tamera Rooney, communications director for United Way, and a designated intern will set up agency accounts, list volunteer opportunities and oversee the general management. Agency representatives are invited to visit the website and sign up as an agency. Rooney or the intern will follow up with each organization. Rooney can be contacted at 419-423-1432
“By making the site available to all local nonprofit organizations, we expect more traffic and even more use of this community resource,” said Urbanski.

Local citizens can establish an account and respond to agency needs as well as respond to events occurring in the community. Agencies can also post videos and other materials that share information about their work.