United Way Announces Nonprofit Leader of the Year Award

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, United Way of Hancock County is proud to announce the annual Nonprofit Leader of the Year award. This award will be presented to a local executive or paid staff member of a nonprofit organization (with 501 (c) 3 status) providing services in Hancock County. The recipient will be selected by the Chamber of Commerce selection committee. To nominate someone, click here.

  • ·         The individual must exhibit a compelling vision for the future of his/her organization and the Hancock County community as a whole.
  • ·         The individual must showcase a positive image for his/her nonprofit organization while leading it to higher levels of success.
  • ·         The individual must demonstrate an ability to work collectively and collaboratively with other private, public and nonprofit organizations to address one or more needs in the community.
  • ·         The individual should be seen by his/her peers as a true leader in the community.
  • ·         The individual must be viewed as one who motivates and inspires the people around him/her to accomplish more than they would have otherwise.
  • ·         The individual should inspire a high level of commitment when taking on new initiatives.
  • ·         The individual should share responsibility, authority, information and credit when working toward a goal.
  • ·         The individual should communicate in a manner that is fair, straightforward, honorable and open.
  • ·         The individual should set a high standard of integrity by leading through example and maintaining high personal standards.
Additional criteria for the selection committee to consider:
  • ·         Number of years in a leadership position either with the organization or with similar organizations.
  • ·         An increase in fundraising support and/or an increase in services provided to consumers in Hancock County.
  • ·         An ability to showcase true positive outcomes, proving that the services provided are improving lives or conditions in a measurable way.
  • ·         Three letters of recommendation from peers should accompany this application.