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Toledo Community Foundation Awards Grant to United Way of Hancock County’s Halt Hunger Initiative for Refrigerated Truck

The board of trustees of Toledo Community Foundation has approved a grant from the Promedica Advocacy Fund to United Way of Hancock County’s Halt Hunger Initiative in the amount of $28,890. These funds will be used to purchase a 16 foot refrigerated truck which will be used to transport large quantities of fresh, shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen food for the purposes of assisting agencies, organizations and programs addressing the needs of the food insecure within Hancock County. This truck is considered a community truck and will be made available to those agencies and organizations meeting the needs of the food insecure in Hancock County. Expansion of summer meal sites and the Feed-A-Child backpack program as well as increasing food recovery efforts for other local organizations are among the intended uses for the truck.

“We have seen many opportunities when good food is available but we lack the ability to transport it to the right place in a timely manner. This truck will be a great asset to our community,” said Heather Heilman, program/grants coordinator for United Way.

The total truck cost is approximately $62,482 with the remainder of the funds needed coming from a grant from the Marathon Classic Golf Tournament and Halt Hunger Initiative funds.

Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. is a public charitable organization created by citizens of the Toledo area community to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families in the area. The ProMedica Advocacy Fund is reserved for nonprofit organizations whose programs provide food, clothing and shelter services. In existence since 1973, the Foundation has more than 650 funds with assets of approximately $200 million. The Foundation provides philanthropic services for individuals, families, businesses and corporations to meet their charitable giving needs. For more information on the Foundation, visit or follow on Facebook.

United Way’s Halt Hunger Initiative, which began in 2010, with the purpose to mobilize the community to research, identify, implement, and promote long-term sustainable solutions to the problem of hunger in Hancock County. The goals are as follows: 1. Support local food programs and providers in their efforts to provide nutritious food to individuals and families in need of food assistance. 2. Assure all those in need have access to food assistance programs. 3. Develop and implement long-term plans for food acquisition, storage capacity and distribution capacity. 4. Educate and equip individuals and families to be food secure. For more information about United Way of Hancock County’s Halt Hunger Initiative, visit