Secor Scholarship Information and Application

United Way of Hancock County Secor Scholarship Information and Application

Read the following information and instructions and complete the application below.

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General Information:

The United Way Foundation of Hancock County has established a scholarship as a memorial to the generosity of Steven and Doris Secor. It is awarded to a high school senior in Hancock County who has a 3.5 grade point average or higher and plans to attend an accredited institution of higher learning, full time, to pursue any undergraduate field of study in the subsequent academic year. 

The candidate must exhibit a strong emphasis on:

  • volunteerism
  • community service
  • service-learning

These components will be evaluated through the documentation of activities and references obtained regarding their leadership, character, and diversity of service experience. 

Award Amount: 

The award for the 2022-2023 academic year will be $2,000 and may be renewed annually for three years (for a total of four years) for a total of $8,000. 

One new scholarship will be awarded per year, which is renewable by the recipient, contingent upon satisfying the conditions of the renewal clause (below). 

The amount of the scholarship will be reviewed and adjusted periodically by the Board of Directors based on recommendations from the Secor Scholarship committee. 

Initial Award Distribution: 

Scholarship money is to be applied toward tuition, in the name of the scholar, and will be paid directly to his/her educational institution in each year the student qualifies. If the student determines that financial assistance is not needed for that academic year the award amount will be available to the selected alternate. The original award winner will still be eligible to receive the scholarship in subsequent years at the awarded “per year” level, but scholarship awards may not be “rolled up”. 

Renewal Clause: 

Scholarship award recipients may receive a maximum of four awards. However, an award winner that forfeits his/or her award for lack of need reduces the awards he/she is eligible for. Alternate award recipients are eligible for renewal only in years forfeited by the original award recipient. Failure by an award winner to apply for renewal will be treated as a forfeit thus making the alternate eligible. To be considered for renewal applicants will be contacted to submit by July 1: 

  • proof of a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point minimum 
  • proof of full-time status for the upcoming year 
  • official start date for upcoming year 
  • documented evidence of recent past year's volunteer or extracurricular service involvement. 


It is suggested that you complete and gather all items before filling out the electronic application. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

• Residence: Must be a high school senior residing in Hancock County who plans to attend, full time, in the subsequent academic year, an accredited institution of higher learning, to pursue any undergraduate field of study. 

Academic Consideration: Grade point average must be at or above 3.5 on a 4-point scale. 

• Volunteer/Extracurricular Involvement: The scholarship candidate must exhibit a strong and diverse emphasis on volunteerism, community service and service-learning evidenced through their activity logs and reference categories of leadership, character and service. Special notice will be given to activities that are voluntary and not required through student group involvement. 

• Students related to anyone on the Secor Scholarship Selection Committee or United Way of Hancock County paid staff are not eligible to apply. 

Application Deadline: 

All applications and references must be completed electronically and submitted by midnight January 17, 2022. Once submitted you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation or to verify it was received, contact Taylor Coote at 419-423-1432 or email 

Reference Instructions: 

In addition to completing your application, three separate individuals will need to write a reference letter for you on the following:  

  • Service - Your service reference should focus on your service activity. Your service reference will use preset competencies to score you and must include a specific example of your involvement in a volunteerism/service learning experience. 
  • Character - Your character reference should be able to describe your character. Your character reference will score you on preset competencies and must include a specific example describing your characteristics including respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, self-worth and self-discipline. 
  • Leadership - Your leadership reference should be an individual who has observed and experienced your leadership skills. Your reference will score you on preset competencies and must include a specific example of your leadership, i.e.; your ability to listen, motivate and guide others, communicate at all levels, show initiative, enthusiasm, and dependability. 

When selecting references choose those who will give clear, concise information based on their assigned category. 

Please provide one name along with an email address for each reference. References can complete only one of the reference areas. 

United Way staff will contact your references to provide complete instructions including deadlines on how to complete the reference portion. References will be submitted electronically. 

Students are advised to follow up with their references to see that they have been completed and submitted by the deadline date of January 17, 2022. 

Essay Instructions: 

Please prepare, in Word or PDF document, a short essay of 500 words or less titled Why does community service matter to you? Place your name and the word "Essay" at the top of the document. 

Quick tips for an effective essay: 

• Organize your thoughts into an outline 

• Address the topic. Provide supporting details as well as needed. 

• Give your essay a personal edge with attributes that will make your essay stand out. 

• Proofread and revise. Watch for grammatical and spelling errors. 

High School Transcript (if accessible): 

If you have access to your transcript in an electronic format, upload it during the application process. Some schools require that transcript requests go directly to the school. Please have your guidance counselor email it to: with the subject line: (student name)/transcript. 

Scholarship Tips: 

• Be organized. Stay on top of deadlines, gather all pertinent documents, and make copies of everything you submit. 

• Choose wisely. References are heavily weighted during the selection process, make sure their specific category is understood and the reference is submitted by the deadline. 

• Be honest and specific. Don't exaggerate your grades, memberships, skills, or qualifications. Speak to your specific roles and not generically to the experience. 

• Follow instructions carefully. Send in what is requested and proofread everything. 

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