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Masked Singers Live United Encore Week


Thank you to everyone who listened and voted for their favorite Masked Singer who LIVES UNITED! 

We had a successful campaign kickoff contest over the 8-week period and these brave and wonderful masked singers raised over $8,100 for the United Way campaign! Walt, The Great American Eagle (Rod Walton) was our Masked Singer who LIVES UNITED! 

We cannot be happier with our contestants who took the time to bless us with their time, talents and treasure. Thank you for providing a much needed laugh and smile in a very challenging year. You truly measurably improved some many lives in Hancock County!

That being said, some of our masked singers had what they believed were some of their best work that could have won them the contest, but never had the opportunity to share it! So, we've decided to have a fun, encore week for any masked singer that wanted to share another great tune!

Voting isn't necessary in this exhibition round, but you can always donate to our United Way campaign that will continue the support for our local partner agencies and bettering our community. 

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We hope you enjoyed watching our contestants perform each week to raise funds for the United Way campaign! Thank you to all who watched, voted, shared and donated during the Masked Singers Lives United!

Spruce Willis
Rural Division Representative

The Percolator
Mercantile Division Representative

Safety Sheila
Public Division Representative