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Local Business Partners Sought for Livestock Auction

Legacy Farmers Cooperative and United Way of Hancock County are seeking local businesses to provide sponsorship funds to purchase livestock raised by youth at this year’s Hancock County Fair. Once the livestock is won by auction, the Halt Hunger Initiative pays for processing and distributes the meat to local food pantries. Since the inception of this program in 2014, local food pantries have been provided with nearly 6,000 pounds of meat for the needy in Hancock County.

As a Halt Hunger Initiative advisory board member, Mitch Welty saw an opportunity to meet the local need for protein while engaging youth in the cause.

“The young people learn valuable agricultural and business practices when raising their livestock but take heart in knowing their hard work and determination met the most basic need of an individual or family who may have youth at home just like them,” said Mitch Welty, grain manager, Legacy Farmers Cooperative.

“Nearly one out of every eight individuals in Hancock County is food insecure. Simply put, this means these individuals or families may not know where, when or how they will provide for their next meal. Often it comes down to tradeoffs like do I pay the electric bill or buy food? Should I refill my prescription or buy food? Do I skip this meal to make it through tomorrow? Having protein available for these families during trying times can help people avoid these tough decisions,” said Heather Heilman, program and grants coordinator at United Way of Hancock County.

The Halt Hunger Initiative addresses the needs and issues surrounding food insecurity in Hancock County guided by the following four goals: support local food programs and providers in their effort to provide nutritious food to individuals and families in need of food assistance; assure all those in need have access to food assistance programs; develop and implement long-term plans for food acquisition, storage capacity and distribution capacity; educate and equip individuals and families to be food secure.

To provide a sponsorship for this program, in any amount, contact:
Mitch Welty
Grain Manager
Legacy Farmers Coop - 419-957-8573


Heather Heilman
Program/Grant Coordinator
United Way of Hancock County – 419-423-1432