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The need: Surveys performed by the Halt Hunger Initiative at Hancock County food pantries revealed the most needed food items are protein-based foods. As a Halt Hunger Initiative advisory board member and grain manager for Legacy Farmers Cooperative, Mitch Welty saw an opportunity to meet the local need for protein while engaging youth involved in the Hancock County Junior Livestock Auction.

How it works: Sponsorships and donations provide the funding to cover the base bid and processing fees for livestock from the Hancock County Junior Livestock Auction. Once the auction is over, the meat is processed and distributed to local food pantries. Nearly 9,000 lbs. of meat has been donated to those in need in Hancock County since the inception of this program in 2014.

Who it helps: Nearly one out of every eight individuals in Hancock County is food-insecure. This means these individuals may not know where, when or how they will provide for their next meal. Often it comes down to trade-offs: Do I pay the electric bill, or buy food? Should I refill my prescription or buy food? Do I skip this meal to make it through to tomorrow?

What you can do:  Do you know someone who would like to be a sponsor? Do you want to donate? No amount is too small. When you sponsor the Livestock Fund we will thank you in the following ways:

$250 or more:
Name in Courier ad
Thank you on Halt Hunger Facebook and United Way Facebook
Listed in United Way annual report
Mention in United Way newsletter
Thank You Ad mention in Senior Fair mailed newsletter
Invitation to United Way annual meeting

Please consider a sponsorship for the 2017 Livestock Fund. No dollar amount is too little.

For more information or questions, contact:

Heather Heilman -Community Impact Director – 419-423-1432

Judy Pusateri - Assistant Resource Development Director