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The Gaslight Society, named for the historical Findlay Gas Light company, celebrates members of our community who have pledged to invest in United Way of Hancock County at a level of $750 or more. Gaslight Society members are United Way of Hancock County's most generous supporters and are essential in our efforts to tackle our community's most serious issues. By making an annual contribution of $750 or more, you and other Gaslight Society members are setting an example of caring and commitment for others where you work and live.

Each year United Way helps thousands of individuals and families. Your investment provides children with skills that will allow them to succeed in school and life. It helps families, seniors and people with disabilities achieve financial stability and independence. And it improves the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals. Together we improve lives and also create systemic lasting changes in our community.

Giving Levels

Tocqueville Society Level: $10,000+
Platinum Level: $5,000 to $9,999
Diamond Level: $2,500 to $4,999
Gold Level: $1,250 to $2,499
Silver Level: $750 to $1,249

Reaching the $750 level of giving is easier to reach than you think. It takes just $14.43 a week to become a Gaslight Society Member if you use payroll deduction. Spouses or domestic partners may also combine their gift to be recognized at higher Gaslight Society membership level.

Another option is to donate a gift of stocks, securities, or real estate if the asset has been held for more than one year. The tax savings can be significant because you pay no long-term capital gains tax. You may even use the full, appreciated value of the stock as a charitable deduction. We'll help guide you through the process and provide necessary IRS substantiation forms.

You can also make a contribution through planned giving. We'll work with you and your professional advisors to develop a plan that meets your financial goals and creates a legacy that reflects your values. Your investment in United Way will make a difference in people's lives for generations to come.

Membership Rewards

Invitation to Gaslight Thank You Event.
Make a lasting difference in your community

Your Gaslight Society level contribution is the most effective way to support critical projects that address our community's greatest needs.

Stay involved and informed

You'll receive updates on the impact of your investment, as well as invitations to special events and volunteer opportunities.

Receive public recognition for your philanthropy

Your name will be listed in United Way publications. For annual gifts of $10,000 or more, you will also be recognized nationally as a member of the Tocqueville Society in listings on the United Way Worldwide website and Book of Leaders.

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Enjoy charitable giving tax savings

Charitable contributions to United Way in the form of payroll deduction, check, credit card or securities qualify for federal tax deductions.