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Halt Hunger Americorps VISTA Information

To apply for the Halt Hunger Initiative's Amercorps VISTA position, click here.

United Way of Hancock County’s Halt Hunger Initiative (HHI) is accepting applications for an  Americorps Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA).

The VISTA member will be exploring the implementation of food recovery plans in Hancock County. Recovery programs will focus on obtaining more fresh produce for food pantries as well as the development of a countywide communication and surplus food recovery network which will increase the ability for pantries to meet the needs of the food insecure and eliminate waste. The creation and fostering of partnerships in the outlying rural areas will be central to the program’s success.

The VISTA will be self-motivated to become familiar with Hancock County and its hunger landscape. The VISTA will use communication skills and a collaborative spirit to become a liaison to countywide organizations serving the food insecure in the work of HHI and its mission and goals.

The VISTA will use research and analysis techniques to construct and perform interviews, surveys and assessments of the rural communities’ hunger related activities in an effort to recognize inefficiencies and identify barriers as well as opportunities to create food security.

The VISTA will exercise logistical and coordination skills through the creation of a food recovery system among the urban and rural food pantries to eliminate food waste. The VISTA will improve the quality of foods available by creating access to fresh produce through the implementation of a fruit tree recovery program. The VISTA will also work on a vegetable recovery program by creating a campaign and a system that promotes the donation of unused produce. The VISTA will ensure the continuation of these projects and programs by using organizational development skillsets to establish committees, recruit volunteers, develop a continuity plan and seek out funding opportunities such as grants and donations. HHI anticipates several VISTA outcomes: Outlying county food pantry organizers will have an established communication network with HHI and each other to facilitate collaboration in creating a food secure county; HHI will have a better understanding of rural needs and root cause issues due to analysis of assessments and interviews; a transportation network to move surplus pantry items from one location to another location in the effort to keep food pantries stocked and eliminate food waste will be established; more fresh fruit and vegetables will be available to the food insecure; community members will know where to donate their surplus fruit or vegetables; volunteers will train and engage in the recovery programs; pantries will have a better understanding of the role and purpose of HHI; a funding pipeline will be established.

Applying applicants must have a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate and must be at least 18 years old. This is a full time position with healthcare benefits, leave benefits and training.