Front Seat to Impact - September 2019

Front Seat To Impact


Everything's moving fast on the verge of this year's United Way Campaign and my front row seat has allowed me to witness some inspiring and encouraging things. Figuring you may be as impressed as I am, here are a few.


BIG HEARTEDNESS. It's abundantly clear that we live in a very generous community. Our kind of generosity goes deep into heart's attitude. It looks after one another and listens when asking "How are you, today?". In the last 20 weeks, I've seen people with various incomes and people from different-sized companies giving with a joy and companionship that is truly inspiring. Whether it's kids collecting school supplies for peers who don't have them, or Cooper Tire employees at last week's golf fundraiser investing with a true zest, it challenges and inspires.


INDIVIDUAL STORIES have given me a deeper glimpse into our needs and how we overcome them. Through our project United HC Voices, we’ve been collecting stories of impact that your United Way dollars and hard-working agencies have made in our community. It’s stories of families overcoming human trafficking or health issues with guidance and help. It’s the power in mentoring vulnerable children or the independence given back to seniors through transportation when they’re needing help. Click here to go to our home page and select one of the names under “Voices” to hear some of these amazing stories of triumph for yourself.


IMPROVING TOMMORROW. Life will always have emergency needs and Hancock County has strong programs to help with those. But a large percentage of United Way dollars each year go to programs that leave people with a way to measurably improve their situations. I’ve seen families serving together to make that happen. I’ve seen retirees offering skilled trades, financial or project management, and warm personalities that are measurably improving lives.


THE CHALLENGE. Seeing so much generosity has two effects.

  1. It can make me feel like someone else has it covered. Since someone else seems to be doing such a great job of helping others, my offering may not feel significant (this is bologna by the way).
  2. Or it can motivate me. I want to be around others who are making a difference, offering hope and change. No matter the size of my gift, my ability or time availability, I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You know, there are a couple agencies critically in need of volunteers to keep their doors open and offer quality service. It could be your offer of service that keeps them at it.

We all have something to offer: Everyone, every age, every ability can give, advocate or volunteer. Let’s talk!


Angela DeBoskey -