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Free Fare Days with HATS

United Way of Hancock County will sponsor HATS rides for free on Monday, July 17, Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19.  Beverly Phillips said the United Way is concerned about individuals needing transportation due to the flooding situation.  Vehicles may be submerged or damaged by flood waters as well as individuals may be surrounded by flooded roadways. 

HATS is public transportation and trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Same day service may be available.  HATS services all of Hancock County.  To schedule a trip call HATS at 419-423-7261 and follow the prompts.

HATS offers reusable shopping bags for riders to transport groceries or other items while on the buses.  The bags were donated from Meijers and Walmart and are available as a courtesy by request.  All carry-on items must fit within a seating area.

HATS is a program of the HHWP Community Action Commission and receives support from the United Way of Hancock County, Ohio Department of Transportation, the Federal Transit Authority and individual donations.  For more information on HATS visit our website: