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Community Garden Application

I am interested in having a garden plot at the Community Gardens of Hancock County (CGHC). By completing and submitting the form, and if selected, I agree to the following:

•    Attend one of the CGHC orientation meetings. Date and location TBD. If I cannot attend, I will arrange a meeting with the garden coordinator at the United Way of Hancock County offices, 245 Stanford Parkway.
•    Participate in at least one of the three garden workdays ( TBD: April- Set up, July- Maintenance, October-Wrap up)
•    Abide by the CGHC Guidelines. Click here to print guidelines.
•    Keep my plot and the pathways adjacent to it well maintained.
•    Plant only plants approved by the CGHC. Invasive perennials such as mint or horseradish will not be allowed.
•    Notify my site coordinator immediately if I cannot maintain my plot for any reason during the growing season. (Failure to notify  will result in: 1) verbal warning  2)written warning 3) plot tilled up as well as forfeiture of the right to garden with CGHC in the future.)
•    Begin gardening in my CGHC plot only after plots have been officially assigned and staked out and opening day announced.
•    Clear my CGHC plot of all non-organic materials (fencing, string, wire, stakes, cages, plastic, etc.) and remove all large or woody plant debris to the specified area no later than October 27th, 2017. I understand that if my CGHC plot is left in a condition unsuitable for plowing I may forfeit the right to garden with the CGHC in the future and a small fee may be assigned.
•    Observe any site specific guidelines established by the site coordinator/manager.
•    Accept that the CGHC project or its organizers/funders assume no liability for personal injury or property damage in the gardens.

To register, complete this online form or print this web page, save it to your computer and email it to

You may also visit the following locations and pick up a paper copy and send or take it to:
United Way of Hancock County
245 Stanford Pkwy
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Locations: Ohio State Extension Office (7868 CR 140), The Family Center (1800 N. Blanchard St.), Christian Clearing House (1800 N. Blanchard St.), Associated Charities (1800 N. Blanchard St.),  and United Way of Hancock County (245 Stanford Pkwy).



Are you currently receiving any of the following: SNAP (food assistance), WIC, Ohio Medical Benefits, Child Care Assistance, Home Energy Assistance, Free/Reduced Meals, Prescription (Rx) Assistance.
If you have been a Community Garden member in the past and would like the opportunity to remain at the same plot (where possible) please indicate the plot number here.
Please indicate which plot size you would prefer. If you are new to gardening, it is strongly suggested that you select a smaller plot size.
Garden preparation, planting and maintenance (weeding, watering) takes time. At least an additional five hours and up to 10 hours per week can be expected to cultivate a garden. Please indicate that you are able to accommodate this type of commitment.
The Community Gardens of Hancock County are run by volunteers. All gardeners who are assigned a plot may be called on to give back their time to ensure the gardens are well maintained. Please indicate if you are willing to give back at least two hours of your time to tasks that will need completed to maintain the gardens.
We are offering a Seed to Seedling course at Blanchard Valley Industries Greenhouse located at 1700 East Sandusky Street in Findlay. Classes will begin in February and there is limited availability. Please indicate if you are interested in the class and time preference. Check all that apply.
See guidelines at the top of this page.