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Campaign Materials Order Form

We want to provide you with every resource available. We also want to be cost-effective in our production of materials. Thank you for completing this important order form for your fundraising supplies. LIVE UNITED!

This might be a human resources person, an employee in charge of community events, or even the top executive or owner at your workplace.
This is our standard pledge form and is provided in triplicate.

These cards require less information. They will be available in triplicate.

This handy half sheet is ideal for distribution to your associates. It includes important information about two of the many important services provided by United Way dollars: our 2-1-1 call center and our FamilyWize discount prescription program. These services are available to everyone regardless of income, family size or situation.

Our annual report is a great resource that includes programs funded, our financial information, important updates and an overview of the past year. It is ideal for placement in breakrooms for your associates to review at their convenience. It can also be important to provide for your fundraising team. Let us know how many!

This handout provides a breakdown of the percentage of funds used for program funding, overhead, board reserves, uncollectable pledges and dues to Ohio United Way and United Way Worldwide. The back of this form contains a complete listing of programs funded by United Way dollars. This handout is ideal for break rooms, talking points when meeting with employees and general education of internal fundraising associates.

This four-panel brochure highlights the work of United Way of Hancock County. It includes an inspirational message from our campaign co-chairs as well as specific examples of how the funds raised by your employees are used to improve people's lives in Hancock County. The is a quick and easy way to educate your associates on our work.

Educations is key. Each poster packet contains three different messages on the front and a thank you message on the back. Please order enough to post throughout your facility. This is another great education tool and will help engage your associates. The posters contain information about the services that can be provided based on a small donation per pay.

Each year we produce a video highlighting the work of United Way of Hancock County. Employers often show the video at employee meetings or run the video on internal televisions/media screens. We provide the video on a disc that can be played in a DVR.
Report envelopes are for you to place pledge forms, cash and checks for delivery to the United Way office. If you have a longer time frame for your fundraising efforts, please consider sending in a report envelope each 30 days. This will help avoid holding on to checks that have been written. It also allows us to report an accurate update to the community. Feel free to order as many report envelopes as you like.

Companies who hold the pledge portion of their workplace campaign in July or August are called "pacesetters". Many of these companies are proud of their leadership role and celebrate by displaying a pacesetter banner. The banner is designed with the company's input. If you express an interest in a banner, the communications director will be in touch to coordinate the delivery of this item.