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Annual Use of Funds


For eve further breakdown on how we support the building blocks of a good life check any of these links:

Halt Hunger Initiative
More United Way Initiatives

Of all money raised by United Way of Hancock County:

•99% stays in Hancock County or is designated by the contributor to another United Way.

•83% is used for programs and services in Hancock County, or another community if designated. This includes funding our partner agencies and United Way services offered to the community.

Further breakdown:

  • 24 agencies received funding for 36 programs in 2018

•4% is uncollected. This means someone leaves their job, retires or doesn’t follow through with their pledge.

•1% is used for dues to  United Way Worldwide. Our membership provides our United Way with resources, branding and marketing support and more.

•12% is used for general administrative needs like salaries, the overhead for our space and expenses to run United Way of Hancock County. The Better Business Bureau suggests that no more than 35% be spent on fundraising expenses.

Regarding Board Reserves:

It is the practice of United Way of Hancock County to maintain a cash reserve at all times.  Reserves are in place to be used in cases of emergency (examples: building emergencies for United Way and/or partner agencies, major loss of funding, closing or relocating of a local company, etc.) The amount of the required reserve shall equal three months of United Way of Hancock County’s grant payments to partner agencies, three months of designations to partner agencies, three months of designations to other United Ways, and 3 months of United Way of Hancock County operating expenses.

The total amount approved for agency programs and services totaled $1,801,141. Investor’s choice dollars totaled $212,137.04 this year. Designations to other United Ways totaled $95,109.27. Additional funds raised cover pledges that are uncollectable, board reserves and operating costs. The board has earmarked $125,000 for the Halt Hunger Initiative, which provides funding for local food pantries and programs addressing food insecurity. Funds have also been earmarked for the community’s collective impact work including the following projects: workforce coalition’s Raise the Bar-Hancock County director at $30,000; Hancock County pre-kindergarten scholarships at $175,000; and a community assessment at $5,000.