2020 Campaign CEO Message

United Way of Hancock county will not falter in delivering the best possible service to our community, donors and agencies while fulfilling our mission to measurably improve people’s lives in Hancock County. 

Your donations are invested wisely

UWHC’s ongoing role is to examine the needs of Hancock County residents, identify gaps in services and raise and deploy resources to meet those needs. You get the largest possible impact for your contributions, because UWHC priorities direct funds where they’re most needed. Together, we’ve supported agencies that respond well every day to our largest community needs and have effectively worked in the current crisis without missing a beat.

Your donations respond efficiently

United Ways were made to respond to crisis. Our partners were in place and ready when our community most needed help. Since the onset of the pandemic, UWHC has collected over $100,000 for local crisis response, supporting emerging and essential programs. We’ve combined donor resources with others to help hundreds of people each week, by bringing in another $95,000 in outside funds. Additionally, over 1,000 volunteer hours have increased our agency capacity at a time when many regular volunteers aren’t available. We’ve fostered new partnerships between service agencies, government, corporations and our faith-based community to meet emerging needs.

Your new contributions impact Hancock County’s future

We know you’ve been approached by many great organizations in financial need this year.

When you donate to UWHC, you know that we’ll use them in a well-coordinated plan to care for Hancock County’s largest priorities, including food, shelter, emergency programs and care for our youth. You’re assured that resources will be deployed to the area of greatest need with a holistic view on the community. That’s why undesignated contributions make such a strong impact.

We need your help. If you have the capacity to give in this season, please help us effectively reach programs that meet the basic needs of adults and children in our own backyards. Fall Campaign begins in just a few weeks. Please consider how you can join us to measurably improve lives in Hancock County.  


Angela DeBoskey, CEO