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2-1-1 Recovery Helpline for Mental Health and Addiction

Recovery Helpline Facts

What is the Recovery Helpline?

  • The Recovery Helpline is a collaborative project of the public agencies responsible for mental health and addiction services in Lucas, Wood and Hancock Counties.
  • The goal of the Recovery Helpline is to provide clinically-based triage services that will result in people getting access to mental health and addiction treatment services within 48 hours.
  • The Recovery Helpline is built on the foundation of existing resources, including the United Way of Greater Toledo 2-1-1, Rescue Incorporated and The Link Hotline.

How will people access the Recovery Helpline?

  1. The process starts when a person calls the United Way’s 2-1-1 number in any of the three counties, at any time of the day or night.
  2. The trained 2-1-1 staff will determine if the issue is related to Mental Health, Addiction or Gambling and identify the county the person is calling from.
  3. The call will then be transferred to the appropriate call center: Rescue for Lucas County and The Link for Wood and Hancock Counties. These call centers will perform clinically-based triage and determine if the caller requires emergency crisis, urgent care or routine services.

How will people learn about the Recovery Helpline?

  • The three county agencies have contracted with a marketing firm to run a campaign to educate the public on the Recovery Helpline.
  • The campaign will include advertising on television, radio, outdoor and digital, as well as news stories and social media.

When will the Recovery Helpline be available?

It is available now.

Where can I find more resources about mental health or addiction?

A downloadable resource document is available here.